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Your creativity: sell more, know more, grow more!
The Ultimate Platform for Creators to Generate Income. Collaborate with Brands, Engage in Social Commerce, and Create Gamified Content – Seamlessly Unified in One Spot.
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Welcome to Relik: the best digital you

Forget just surviving online, explode your success with Relik. Unlike any other platform, we empower creators like you with an arsenal of tools and features to ignite your potential.

Think beyond likes and follows. Relik connects you with brands and businesses, creating a haven where creative freedom thrives alongside control and data becomes your superpower. No more algorithms holding you back.

Profile Setup
Create your influencer profile highlighting your unique strengths and objectives
Profile Setup
Custom Page Generation
Relik’s AI crafts a custom page for you, which you can fine-tune to perfection
Custom Page Generation
Share & Engage
Share your custom page link across various platforms and engage your audience through Relik
Share & Engage
Analyze & Grow
Track your campaign’s performance and grow your influence sustainably
Analyze & Grow
For influencers & celebrities
For Influencers and Celebrities
Setup fast
Spend your time creating content, not trying to figure out which button to click. Relik is deployable in less than 5 minutes!
Just 5 minutes
Get amazing results
Offer unparalleled experiences to your followers, strengthening bonds and enhancing loyalty
> 300K Collabs
Unlimited Pages
Create as many pages as you want in Relik app and make the difference in your social presence
Countless pages
Performance Analytics
Through our 300K+ collaborations, drive directly to success by using Relik’s unique engagement tools
Awesome dashboard tools
For brands and businesses
For Brands and Businesses
Impactful collaborations
Team up with influencers and celebrities who resonate with your brand, crafting campaigns that speak volumes
Sold more than 100k items
Data-driven insights
Make informed decisions with precise data and insights, ensuring every campaign hits the mark
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Social commerce
Work with influencers to create an awesome social commerce space in Relik app
Increase sales
Drive engagement with interactive challenges, polls, and contests hosted by creators on Relik
Contests for interest

Our mission

To equip creators with the power to unlock their true potential, cultivate engaged communities, and rewrite the rules of social media by fostering genuine connections and shared ownership

We believe that by focusing on this simple yet powerful task, we will redefine social commerce through innovation and control, empower influencers, celebrities, and brands to forge authentic connections and reap sustainable rewards

We leverage the power of generative AI, we simplify the campaign creation process giving you the keys to customized, conversion-optimized, and controlled engagements that work seamlessly across all platforms. We are not just enhancing social commerce; we are democratizing it, placing unparalleled power and opportunity in your hands, while promoting transparency, sustainability, and genuine connections

Relik is more than just a platform - it's a revolution. Claim your rightful place in the online world. Sign up today!
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